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Our Mission

At Crogl, our mission is to revolutionize the way security analysts investigate and respond to threats. We are dedicated to providing a fully autonomous AI SOC analyst that operates seamlessly in both on-prem and cloud environments. Our goal is to empower security teams with a tool that triages every alert without the need for coding or pre-written playbooks. We are committed to upskilling security analysts, ensuring consistent investigations, and accelerating response times.

Our Story

Founded on the idea of transforming security operations, Crogl was born to address the challenges faced by traditional security analysis methods. Our team envisioned a fully autonomous AI SOC analyst that could handle every alert effectively, without the constraints of pre-defined playbooks. We are here to make a difference by offering a solution that runs effortlessly in cloud and on-prem environments, setting new standards for security investigation and response.

Our experienced leadership team at Crogl is dedicated to driving innovation and redefining the landscape of security analysis. With a blend of expertise and a passion for excellence, we are committed to ensuring that Crogl remains at the forefront of autonomous AI SOC analysis. Meet the professionals who are shaping the future of security operations.

Experienced Leadership

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