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Fully Autonomous AI Team Member for Your SOC

Triages and investigates every alert. Threat hunts like a ninja. No code, no pre-written playbooks required. Private. Runs on-prem and in your cloud environment


Investigate every threat like an expert with an assume breach mindset

Crogl monitors for alerts in your SIEM and ticketing systems. Monitors internet sources, your threat intel platform and your documents.  Automatically generates response plans for threats. It analyzes all the required data no matter where the data lives, no matter the programming language or data schema or API.

Respond to Alerts Using All Your Data and Tools

Automatically triage, investigate and document every alert.  Create impact analysis report for security team colleagues and leaders. Crogl runs queries, enriches data and reconciles results using the data stores and tools in your environment. 

Continuous Learning and Adaptation

Just like a human analyst, Crogl learns your organizations processes, procedures and tools. It continues to learn and update its knowledge as things change in your environment

Deep and Consistent Analysis for All Alerts and Advisories

Run investigations and threat hunts using analytical models built for your processes. Ensure every threat is analyzed with completeness and depth. Incorporate MITRE ATT&CK® concepts and chains investigations. 

An AI Team Member for Every Tier

Conduct full scale threat hunts based on documents and advisories. Generate queries for team members to learn and share without having to learn schemas and query languages. Automatically triage every alert that comes in the queue. Document all the work

Execute Threat Hunts, Investigate Alerts from a Unified Chat Interface

Execute detailed threat analysis by providing threat actor names, labels or threat intel advisory names. Investigate or re-investigate alerts and tickets by simply providing an alert number.

Experience the Crogl Advantage


Tickets Triaged Per Day


Unique Use Cases Analyzed

12 TB

Data Analyzed Per Day


Unique Security Advisories Actioned


Deployment models. AWS, Azure, On-prem

Connects to your security stack

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Give Super Powers to All Your Analysts from Beginner to Subject Matter Expert

Power your experts to exercise their intuition on threat hunt ideas, intel reports and advisories. Power your intermediate analysts to execute analysis against all your tools and data without memorizing data sources or schemas. Power your beginners to auto triage on any platform and auto document their work.

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